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How to Properly Set a Table {In the Style of Downton Abbey}

November 24, 2016


Leave it to lovable old Carson to pay attention to every last detail.


My Favorite part of Sunday nights was settling in with a cup of tea, a cozy blanket, and Downton Abbey.


One of the most intriguing aspects from the show is the attention to detail.

The creators of the show were meticulous about getting every detail historically accurate. Did you notice how when Lady Mary stormed away from the dinner table she threw her napkin down, then reached down to her lap to grab her gloves? This was because when eating, they must remove their gloves and place them on their lap with their napkin on top.


Along with the style, the regime, and the witty banter, Downton Abbey displays traditional European etiquette.


Today, in light of Thanksgiving, we will be looking at how to properly set a dinner table.



This is specifically a European dinner table setting. Each meal and culture mandates a style different than the other.


Without further ado, here are the Do's and Don'ts of setting a table.



-Set down the knives so the blades are facing in towards the plate.


-Measure place mats no more than two inches, and no less than one inch from the edge of the table.


-Place silverware for all courses that will be served, with the exception of dessert.  (However, no more than three of any implement on the table at once)





-Make centerpieces (floral arrangements, candles) so tall that no one can see the person sitting across from them at the table.


-Forget to polish silverware before it is in service. If you spent all this time planning the meal, deciding the guest list, and designing the table, why would you let a water stain on a fork ruin it for the guest?


-Push chairs in all the way. The edge of the seat should be just kissing the linen, and the chair should not be pushed in over the linen. (When the person pulls their chair out, the entire table will come with them. And sadly, they probably aren't good at magic tricks)


Below is an illustrated guide for a table setting.

Source: House of Home



Have a happy and wholesome Thanksgiving from Peony and Pineapple!

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