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Mistle "Toes" DIY

Are you panicking, trying to think of the perfect stocking stuffer for a daughter/niece/sister, or female coworker? These Mistle "Toes" are SO easy to make and will be enjoyed by anyone who receives them! This simple DIY will also keep you out of the crowded stores and won't be sold out. Head over to a local pharmacy, Ulta beauty, Target, or beauty supply store for nail polish colors. The remaining items needed for this craft can be found at craft stores, and won't be sold out when you get to the store! What you will need:

-1 nail polish bottle

-1 nail file (optional)

-1 fake snow (Eco Snow)

-1 cellophane bag

-assorted evergreens, glitter holiday picks

-1 tag for bag (template included in post)

Place your greens and holiday picks into the bag first. Snip the ends of any wires or dead leaves. Shorten the length of the greens if they reach above the bag. (We will be folding over the top inch of the cellophane bag, so make sure to leave space at the top)

Set in the nail polish bottle and any other nail goodies, such as board nail files, q tips, or Jamberry nail sheets.

Sprinkle in a handful of fake snow. (If you like the look of the bag with just the greens, you do not have to add the fake snow)

Print and cut out the tag on white card stock. Fold the tag in half.

Fold the cellophane bag down about 1 inch facing the back. Place the tag over the top, and staple the sides. I used green staples (Brand: Up and Up, Target) to be festive, but regular staples do the trick.


These gifts are great for:






-stocking stuffers

-"extra" gifts to keep on hand (for those guests who are "Surprise! I’m coming home for Christmas!")

Here is the template for your MistleToes tags! Happy Crafting!


Peony & Pineapple

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