Winter Wreaths 

Handmade, Lush, Fragrant Wreaths.
The standard size for our wreaths is 24'' diameter. Please inquire about custom sizes and accessories!

IMG_8748 (1).PNG

Silver Eucalyptus

Bold and Lush.

A wreath full of warmth and fragrance. 

IMG_8749 (1).PNG

Mixed Greenery

Sophisticated and Refined.

A modern take on your traditional holiday wreath.

IMG_8752 (1).PNG


Clean and Crisp.

A vintage look to dress up your doorstep. 

IMG_8750 (1).PNG

Under the Mistletoe

Balsam meets Berry. 
A traditional Christmas wreath with a pop of faux red holly berries.

IMG_8759 (1).PNG

Winter Princess

Bold and Pronounced.

Lush, voluminous, and full of fragrance. 

IMG_8756 (1).PNG

Cedar Lane

Neat and Uniform. 

The perfect touch of greenery for the minimalist. 

IMG_8753 (1).PNG

Classic Balsam

Traditional Christmas.

All the fragrant greens that remind you of Christmastime. 

IMG_8754 (1).PNG

Balsam-No Pinecones

Traditional Christmas.

Lush and full, with plenty of scented greenery.

IMG_8757 (1).PNG

Glittered Classic Balsam

Traditional Christmas. 

The perfect touch of glitz and glam.

rhonna-collage (3).jpg

Merry Magnolia

Warm and Welcoming.

A simple yet bold statement wreath for your door.

IMG_7759 (1).JPG

Blue Christmas 

Cool and Calm.

A modern wreath design with winter hues.


Mixed Eucalyptus

Rich and Lavish.

A wreath created for the nontraditional hostess.