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Golden Pineapple Tutorial

Gold and pineapples are trending currently. Put the two together and you're as on point as you can get! Making a golden pineapple can be the perfect centerpiece for your next party, or simply add that "wow" factor to your buffet table during the summertime!

What you will need:

-one pineapple

-metallic gold spray paint

-tape -paper towel

-box to trap spray paint

This craft is very easy to do. The hardest part in fact will be picking your perfect pineapple! I was the crazy woman in the grocery store picking and prodding at every last pineapple until I found "the one." Once you arrive home with your little beauty, it's time to protect the leaves.

For this craft I protected the leaves of my pineapple to maintain a natural look. You may design your pineapple however you wish, and if that involves spraying the leaves gold that's fine too!

Start by wrapping the paper towel firmly around the base of the neck and taping the two ends of the paper towel together. Slowly work your way up protecting all sections. Try to angle the paper towel towards the top of the leaves instead of in a flat circle; this will help you get more even coverage and avoid any slip ups.

Place your pineapple in a spray paint-safe box outside. Begin with a light coat, spraying in an up and down motion. Gently grab the neck of the pineapple and rotate. Repeat the spraying until the entire pineapple is evenly covered.

Let dry for at least five minutes. Carefully remove the paper towel.


You now have the perfect table centerpiece and conversation starter for your summer event.


Peony & Pineapple

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