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Chalkboard Transfer

Now don't panic. THIS IS SO EASY!

You, yes you, can make this.

And form personal experience, once you can make one, you'll be coming up with any excuse to make a chalkboard sign for everyone in your life.

What you will need:

-1 white stick of chalk

-1 permanent white marker (fine point)

Print the image or text you wish to transfer.

Take a white stick of chalk, and on the backside of the paper, cover the areas where the text/image shows on the reverse side.

Carefully lay the paper onto the canvas where you would like the text/image to go.

With a sharp pencil, outline the text/image by tracing over the original print. This will press the white chalk onto the canvas leaving the desired design.

Carefully remove the paper. Your text should be lightly transferred onto the canvas.

Using a permanent white marker, trace over the chalk out line to make a more distinct transfer.

Go over the text/image one more time with the white market if it needs touching up.

Gently wipe away any leftover chalk with a clean tissue. You can also give your canvas a more "chalkboard" look by lightly etching white chalk in the corners and smoothing it out with the tissue in a circular motion, working towards the center of the canvas.


You can now confidently participate in the chalkboard sign trend.

Happy Crafting!


Peony & Pineapple

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