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Glittered Champagne Flutes

What do you give to people who already have a dozen pairs of fuzzy socks? Champagne flutes.

This craft is a one-two punch, hitting the "I'm crafty" category as well as the "I'm no fool and know how much you love alcohol" category.

Save yourself 30 bucks with this craft, with flutes and supplies setting you back no more than $12.

You can definitely accomplish this craft without creating a glittery mess.

What you will need:

-maskin tape

-Mod Podge

-paint sponge

-extra fine gold glitter

-2 champagne flutes

*make sure to hand wash the flutes before starting

Begin by cutting 1 inch thick pieces of maskin tape. The goal is to protect the bulb of the flute, so place the tape at an angle. This is more effective at coverage than wrapping one piece around the neck of the flute.

Sponge on a thin and even layer of mod podge onto the stem and base of the flute.

Lightly tap a thin and even layer of glitter onto the mod podge covered surface.

Keep a newspaper underneath to catch the glitter. You can also keep a piece of paper with a crease down the middle to catch the excess glitter and put it back into the container.

Let the flute sit and dry for 10 minutes. If the glitter seems sparce, repeat the process and add another layer. Otherwise, sponge on a layer of mod podge to seal the glitter. The mod podge will leave the glitter as a textured surface.

Let dry for 30 minutes.

Carefully and gently remove the maskin tape one piece at a time. The layering technique prevents the mod podge from ripping off and ruining your craft. (This is why thin layers are key!)


You now have a perfect gift.


Peony & Pineapple

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