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Pumpkin Vase Flower Arrangement Tutorial

Now that we've created a pumpkin vase, it's time to create the floral arrangement!

What you will need:

-1 foam pumpkin vase

-1 plastic vase liner

-1 block Oasis floral foam

-floral knife


-assorted flowers and greenery

Fill the sink or water basin with lukewarm water. If you have plant food, mix it in with the water as well.

Drop the Oasis foam into the water. Make sure NOT to push the foam down into the water, as it will allow dry pockets. (Dry pockets will not allow the plants to drink water, and the flowers won't live as long)

Cut the corners off of the foam to create an octagon.

Place the plastic liner into the vase, and drop the wet foam into the liner. You may need to shave more foam off so it fits snug inside the vase.

Here are the flowers I worked with for this arrangement.

I included roses, hypericum, wheat, millet, seeded eucalyptus, succulents, and seed pods. Strip flowers of unnecessary leaves and give all flowers a clean cut.

Start with your base flowers and build around the center of the arrangement. Once you have a base, decide where the focal point(s) will be and create your arrangement around that.

In my arrangement, the seed pods were the focal points. I placed two in each arrangement, at altering heights.

Try to not pull pieces out of the foam once they have been placed in. This creates an air pocket in the foam and the flowers won't live as long.

Fill in empty spaces with extra greenery. Give your arrangement a spin, checking for empty spots where greenery can be added.


You now have a beautiful Thanksgiving centerpiece!


Peony & Pineapple

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