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Foam Pumpkin Vase Tutorial

Pumpkin Flower Vases make the perfect rustic centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table. The problem is, real pumpkins get messy, and the fake pumpkins look, well, fake.

This tutorial will teach you a simple way to liven up your foam pumpkin to avoid the mess and create a reusable vase.

**This tutorial was Inspired by Jennifer Davenport**

What You Will Need:

-1 foam craft pumpkin

-1 Sharpie

-1 knife-paint brushes

-"Burnt Ember" color acrylic paint, assorted oranges, creams, and pink colors

-1 wet paper towel

-1 dry paper towel

Start by cleaning the surface of the foam pumpkin with a damp towel.

With a sharpie, outline where you will be cutting the opening for your vase.

Carefully cut the top of the pumpkin, and shave off excess foam to enlarge the vase.

For the orange pumpkin, mix dark orange, red, and brown acrylic paints. Paint up and down the pumpkin, making sure to fill in the creases.

With a wet towel, wipe up and down with light pressure in an up and down motion. Repeat this process with the dry paper towel to seal the color in. If you don't like the way the application looks, use firm pressure with the wet paper towel and start again when the pumpkin is dry. If you wipe too much paint off, you can always add more paint in a second application.

Follow this process for the white pumpkin, using cream and pink colored acrylic paints.

Allow the paint to dry for a few minutes. Apply a layer of matte Mod Podge in an up and down motion to seal the color. Let the Mod Podge dry.

Paint the lip of the vase with acrylic paint to match the pumpkin, and any other exposed pieces of white foam.


You now have a realistic pumpkin vase that will survive long past the holiday.

Stay tuned for the flower arrangement!


Peony & Pineapple

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